Elaina Bolinger

The Science of Sleep


We spend nearly a third of our life sleeping, and yet most of us do not really understand sleep and why it is the cornerstone of health and performance.

Join Sleep Expert, Dr. Elaina Bolinger, as she dives into what sleep does to your brain function and some of the most fascinating recent research in the field of sleep and cognition. As an added bonus, you will also learn the basics for how to start getting your best sleep!

Dr. Elaina Bolinger is the Head of Content at Shleep, a Digital Sleep Coaching Platform founded by fellow sleep expert, Dr. Els van der Helm. Together with a team of sleep specialists, they focus on improving the performance and well-being of organizations by improving the sleep of leaders and teams. During her research career (University of Tübingen, Germany), Dr. Bolinger investigated the ways in which sleep enhances two factors which are critical for success: cognitive performance and psychological well-being.


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