Kim Kuypers

Social Neuropsychopharmacological Research with Psychedelics

Neuropsychology & Psychopharmacology | Maastricht University

Since mankind exists, humans are intrigued by the mind-altering effects of numerous rituals, plants and substances, to us known as MDMA and psychedelics. The reason for using them however, does not solely have to be their temporarily mind-bending effects. One suspects also long-term effects of these excursions which might well influence our creativity, empathy, cognition and well-being.

Kim Kuypers and her team use placebo-controlled experimental studies and surveys to look at these effects and the underlying mechanisms induced in the brain. Her most recent work include a dose-finding study on LSD-microdosing and the effects of psilocybin and ayahuasca on flexible cognition, empathy and well-being. We’re not urging you to test those effects on yourself – but we urge you to come over to the Science Night and get absorbed by their mind-bending results!

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