Peter Pickkers

Experimental Intensive Care Medicine | Radboud UMC

Peter Pickkers, Professor for Experimental Intensive Care Medicine at the Radboud UMC, focuses on the pharmacological modulation of our innate immune response, with a special focus on renal function and the brain. In 2016 Pickkers rose a lot of attention when he initiated a series of experiments together with Wim Hof, the ‘Iceman’. Hof claimed that he (and we) can influence the innate immune response using a specialized meditation- and breathing technique. In fact, he comfortably takes ice baths where others would succumb to hypothermia and climbed 7000 meters of the Mount Everest equipped with nothing but shorts and shoes. Peter Pickkers has studied Hof’s immune response to endotoxin and compared him to an untrained control group. Can you guess, what happened? There surely is a lot to learn from this out-standing research – the biological aspects as well as the mindset. Join us at the Science Night and get inspired to expand your mind to heal from the inside-out.

Peter Pickkers at Radboud UMC