Inger Leemans

Inger Leemans is Professor of Cultural History & director of the VU Graduate School of Humanities.

Her research focusses on earlymodern cultural history (1500-1850), with special attention for the history of emotions and the body, cultural economy, history of knowledge and digital humanities. She has published about the history of pornography, (radical) Enlightenment, cultural infrastructure and translation machinery. Her most recent book Worm en donder. Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse literatuur 1700-1800 (co-author Gert-Jan Johannes) was hailed in the press as ‘a masterpiece’. Often, her research triggers media attention, see e.g. the Financiële Dagblad about her inaugural lecture in 2011, journal Elsevier about her research on embodied emotions, and NRC about Digital Humanities.

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